April 30, 2003

Fotonotes.net - The Photo-Story Archive Tool

Put your photos online, annotate small portions of them. Interesting software.

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April 29, 2003

Distributed Computing is Attacking SARS

Put your idle computer to good use and help to find an answer for SARS.

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Bush Regime Trading Cards!

Wanted for so many things! Get yours TODAY!

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April 28, 2003

InfoWorld: Are you ready for RSS?

Microsoft jumping on the RSS bandwagon.

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Computers Can Now Lip Read?

Intel has released software that lets computers read lips, a step forward that could lead to better voice recognition applications.

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What's Playing Plugin 1.2 for Winamp 3

Show your tunes on your site. Via PhotoMatt.

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How to Stop Nagging

Just a Little Friendly Reminder...

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April 25, 2003

Wise Lessons Learned from the Excellent Boss

Advice that we should ALL use in our daily lives.

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Can We get a do-over for the Internet?

Internet Security: Too Broke to Fix?

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April 23, 2003

MusicMatch MX Web Player

Listen to artists on demand, without downloading software to your computer. This is great for when you're at work and you don't have control over what you can install or use on your machine.

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Redesign Consolation Champs - Win Books!

James wants to redesign his site, and he wants YOU to help!

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Six Apart: Six Apart Ltd. Announces New Weblogging Service, Investment, Executives and Board

Is it Like Blogspot for MovableType? Check it out at Typepad.com.

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April 22, 2003

I am a TiVo Owner that Can't Shut Up

Our mission in life is to get you to own a Tivo too! I have gotten at least 5 people, if not more, to purchase a TiVo since I bought mine in 2000. I absolutely LOVE my TiVo!

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The Story Behind Napster

The Uncle was wheeling and dealing behind the scenes.

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A Windows user spends a week with a Mac

Will he make the switch in the end?

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April 18, 2003

Get out of Hell Free Cards

Sin All You Want, We'll Print More.

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April 17, 2003

Nude retiree arrested while mowing lawn

At least he is a good neighbor...

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My first submission to make it on to Boing Boing

It was a very happy geek moment to discover that the link I submitted was approved. Yeah!

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April 16, 2003

RSS 2.0 for pMachine

Everyone with a blog should have a good strong RSS feed. Now the pMachine users can too!

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Freevo - the Do-it-Yourself Tivo

For the geek in you when you don't want to spend the money for a Tivo.

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Get eWEEK Headlines on Your Desktop With RSS

eWeek, Microsoft Watch, PC Magazine and Extreme Tech - all in XML goodness!

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April 15, 2003

Trepia: Your Instant Wi-Fi Community

IM client that allows you to discover other people also using the client in your vacinity that are also on WiFi. Would be cool for things like SXSW or just a busy web cafe. [via Michael.]

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Bloggers Have Wishes, You Can Help

Article in the Fresno Bee discussing blogger wishlists. Links to I Wish, You Wish.

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Westciv Free CSS 2 Course

Free weekly course, but the catch is that after a week the lesson is pulled and a new lesson is posted. Now on week 2: Default Browser Values.

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Explanation of RSS, How You Can Use it, and Finding RSS Feeds

Well written in every-day terms that are easy to understand. Lots of links to other sites and sources of information.

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Feedster Now Sorting by Blogrank

In theory, the higher the blog rank, the better the content. Although that is not always the case.

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Jish Returns!

Jish returned to the Blogosphere. I've really missed him!

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Zonageek: Validable

Zonageek's Validable code, to help the XHTML validation.

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Eric Meyer on CSS

Must have definitive guide to CSS.

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